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Store Shipito

Shipito is a leading company that offers package delivery services to more than 200 countries around the world, ensuring speed, efficiency and maximum security throughout the process, becoming a bridge between the United States and international customers.

The method of operation of Shipito is very understandable and simple, since they are based on offering you a destination address in the USA so that you can receive your purchases without complications and then request that they be sent to the place you want, in a totally secure way and to a reasonable price, thus eliminating the obstacles you might encounter in some stores that do not process international shipments; But Shipito is not limited to it but also helps you with your purchase, in case you do not have a credit card to do it yourself, carrying out the same management and informing you about each step during the acquisition of the product that you have requested.

Shipito currently has several offices and extensive facilities in the United States, where they can perfectly receive your merchandise and store it up to a maximum of 90 days free of charge, without fear of being lost.

Go ahead and buy that item that you need so much and that you have seen available in Amazon, eBay or any other store of your preference and get ready to receive it in the comfort of your home, in record time, in a safe way and with a customer service client of the highest quality.

Among many of the advantages that you will like Shipito is that they worry about sending you photos of your products when they are received in the store, to give you peace of mind; Shipito also offers package consolidation services, allowing you to minimize dimensions and save money, as well as the possibility of including additional packaging and adequate protection to your purchase.

Visit its new website and enjoy a practical design, versatile and comprehensive information at your fingertips, can see reference costs or make your personal calculation according to the characteristics of your package as dimensions and weight, also having a personalized service to the client, ready to attend to all your concerns.

Shipito is an expert in package management that offers you the best prices in the market but also ensures you the opportunity to enjoy additional discounts, for which you should only find some of the promotional vouchers scattered on the Internet and apply it at the time of passing per box to pay your bill, quickly and without complications.

The time has come! Do not limit yourself in that desire to buy the item you've been waiting for so much, that's why we invite you to manage your purchase and its subsequent delivery through a serious and proven company; ensure your satisfaction as a customer, enter to Shipito!

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