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Tea Shop is a leading store founded in 1990, dedicated to offering top quality tea at unbeatable prices. The idea for its creation came from a Swedish businessman who recently arrived in Spain in the mid-80s, and who, strengthened by his passion, desire and pride, set out to make his dream of creating an exquisite tea brand that would be recognizable worldwide. This is how he managed to open his first branch in Barcelona, Spain, to continue his growth and reach countries such as Portugal, Italy, Argentina and Brazil, adding more than 96 stores of impeccable trajectory until today.

If you are a tea lover, then Tea Shop is a must see for you. Its web page will surprise you, you will find everything here, absolutely everything you may need to prepare your favorite drink. Enjoy more than 120 varieties of select flavors of tea and infusions, even finding blends created by its own expert staff in this task. In Tea Shop you can choose from green, black, white, red and other teas, bulk infusions of different types, accessories such as cups, thermos flasks, teapots, spoons, measures, gadgets, snacks and food supplements, gift ideas and much more.

Tea Shop has a specialized staff, who follow every stage of the process, including production, collection, mixing, packaging and transport of each of its ingredients, to ensure that the product you are buying is of impeccable quality, complying with all safety and hygiene standards stipulated by European authorities.

So take a look at the incredible and exclusive products that the experts have prepared for you. Buy at Tea Shop, satisfaction guaranteed!

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