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Creative Market is an online platform where designers and creators can sell graphics, fonts, themes, photos and other digital assets for design. It is an ideal marketplace for those looking for unique and high quality resources for creative projects. Users can also open their own shops and sell their designs on Creative Market.

Here are some ideas on how to save when shopping on Creative Market:

Free Account and Weekly Resources: By creating a free account on Creative Market, you get access to free resources every week. These resources can include graphics, fonts, templates and more, and change weekly.

Bundles: Often, Creative Market offers bundles of products at discounted prices. These bundles often include a variety of related design resources and are available for a limited time at a much lower price than if purchased individually.

Buy Credits: In some cases, CreativeMarket allows users to purchase credits in advance, which can then be used to purchase products on the platform. Sometimes, buying credits in advance can offer a discount compared to paying directly for each product.

Newsletter Subscription and Alerts: Subscribe to Creative Market's newsletter to receive notifications about special offers and promotions. You can also set up alerts for certain types of products or specific shops if you're looking for something in particular.

Sales and Discount Seasons: Keep an eye on sales seasons such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday or end-of-season sales. During these periods, you are likely to find discounts on a wide variety of products on Creative Market.

Extended Licenses and Commercial Use: If you are a professional or business, consider investing in extended or commercial-use licenses. While they may have a higher upfront cost, they can save you money in the long run if you plan to use the assets across multiple projects or for commercial purposes.

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