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DataCamp is an online platform that offers training courses in data science, data analytics and programming. It is designed to help students and professionals gain skills in areas such as Python, R, SQL, machine learning and data analytics.

Here is some information on how to save on the DataCamp website:

Free trial: DataCamp often offers a free trial that gives you access to a limited selection of courses. This allows you to try out their platform before committing to a full subscription.

Monthly or annual subscriptions: DataCamp offers monthly or annual subscription options. If you plan to use the platform for an extended period of time, the annual subscription is usually cheaper per month compared to monthly.

Student discounts: If you are a student, check if DataCamp offers special student discounts. Many online education platforms have reduced rates for students with valid ID.

Coupons and promotional codes: Use our DataCamp promotional codes before you make a purchase. These codes can offer significant discounts on subscriptions.

Family or group plans: If you are interested in DataCamp and have friends or colleagues who also want to learn, check to see if they offer family or group plans. Often, these options can be more economical when divided among several users.

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