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MentalUp is an innovative company, which is focused on offering powerful technological resources to boost the success in academic and social performance of your children, providing various applications and entertaining educational games.

Well-supported studies have shown that people who initiate mental exercise activities at an early age, increase their capacity for analysis, skills and effectiveness in problem solving and decision making. That is why MentalUp has invested valuable efforts in bringing together trained personnel and expert professionals to create games that encourage increased memory, improved concentration, visual intelligence and analytical thinking, targeting on children between the ages of 4 and 13 years.

Today MentalUp has more than 2 million downloads, an outstanding valuation as an application creator and more than 50. 000 positive comments from satisfied customers, adding more than 3 million children in 60 countries who enjoy having fun and learning at the same time, under adequate levels of difficulty and following the best pedagogical strategies designed by specialists in the field.

You can give your children a boost and provide them with resources in the form of entertaining games that will help them learn. So don't think twice, enter MentalUp, satisfaction guaranteed!

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