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Family Tree DNA is a prestigious genetics company dedicated to DNA analysis, known as one of the oldest and most qualified in the world.

The company was founded in early 2000 and is based in Houston, Texas, from where it provides DNA testing, comprehensive ancestral testing and other specialized services for genealogy and anthropology purposes. Family Tree DNA offers resources that allow the identification of paternal and maternal lines, in addition to putting at your disposal a family search engine that will help you track your ancestry throughout history. With an incredible database of over 2 million records, Family Tree DNA helps people better understand their genetic heritage, ensuring the latest in mitochondrial DNA, Y-DNA and autonomic DNA analysis tests, achieving reliable results.

The company was born from the hand of Bennett Greenspan, an ingenious entrepreneur and genealogy enthusiast, who began by studying his mother's roots. In this journey he encountered some obstacles, which led him to seek alternatives to continue his project, partnering with Jim Warren and Max Blankfeld, thus achieving the crystallization of his dreams and growing as a successful company.

Family Tree DNA has a strict confidentiality policy and that is why the tests are stored without using names, among other precautions, to avoid the misuse of such information. Its official website has a sober and friendly style, where you can find accurate and clear information about the scope of services that Family Tree DNA offers. Acquire your test kit and you can obtain important data for the tracking of your lineage, discovering many other aspects of your family history.

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