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Swiftic is a recognized platform oriented to the creation of mobile applications, being a leader in its branch worldwide and standing out for providing intuitive tools that allow all types of users to achieve successful results. Thanks to Swiftic you will have the possibility to connect with your clients, favoring the increase of your sales and generating loyalty in your public, counting on important resources like coupons, gift cards, scratch cards, dynamic catalogues and a friendly integration with social networks.

Currently Swiftic is positioned among the 50 main products for the creation of applications and web solutions, making the difference and achieving wide receptivity among its potential customers. Supported by its interface, Swiftic is the ideal resource to create reliable applications with optimal performance in record time, having a good number of pre-designed templates to which you can include custom fields, thus ensuring that your store is open 24 hours, 365 days a year. Send alerts immediately from your computer or mobile device, capturing more customers and forging the best image for your company. The membership service costs $57 per month and you can even pay directly for the year at a cost of only $48 per month, thus obtaining a significant percentage of savings. In guarantee, Swiftic offers you an unconditional 30-day promise to refund your money in case you are not satisfied with the results obtained with your first assembly and, if in the initial 6 months you do not achieve the desired benefits, the following 6 months until completing the year will be totally free.

Today your company needs more than ever to go hand in hand with the technological evolution. Get closer to your customers, making your brand recognized and maximizing the reach of your business, gaining credibility and loyalty and therefore, achieving the increase of your income, so visit Swiftic, satisfaction guaranteed!

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