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AEJuice is a company that specialises in creating plugins, scripts and resources for Adobe After Effects, an animation and visual effects software widely used in the film, television and video production industry.

AEJuice plugins offer a variety of features and effects that allow users to enhance their workflow, add complex animations and create stunning visual effects. Some of AEJuice's popular plugins include "Motion Boutique", "Shape Elements", "Liquid Elements" and "Tokyo". They also offer transitions packs, design elements and pre-defined templates to streamline the creation process in After Effects.

To save on AEJuice plugins, here are some ideas:

Discounts and promotions: AEJuice occasionally offers special discounts and promotions on their products. It is advisable to subscribe to their newsletter or follow their social networks to be informed about current offers.

Packages and bundles: AEJuice offers packages and bundles that include multiple plugins and resources at a lower price than if purchased individually. Buying a complete bundle can be a cost-effective way to access a wide variety of plugins.

Free versions and trials: AEJuice also offers free or trial versions of some of its plugins. You can try these free versions to evaluate the performance and features of the plugins before making a purchase.

Participate in contests and challenges: AEJuice sometimes organises contests or creative challenges on its social networks or website. Participating in these events can offer the opportunity to win prizes, such as discounts or even free plugins.

Free downloads: AEJuice also offers free downloads of resources and basics on its website. These elements can be useful for enhancing your projects without incurring additional costs.

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