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Dashlane is a powerful system designed to function as an effective password manager, fully compatible with various devices including computers, tablets and smartphones, allowing you to archive them in a safe place and ensuring that you can have them at any time, without forgetting them.

Today we know that with the evolution of the Internet, users must face the challenge of creating a large number of accounts to access various services, which is sometimes complex due to the need to create several security keys that must be difficult to guess for other people, but simple to remember for ourselves to be able to use them whenever we need them, because this has become a constant concern to take into consideration. This is where Dashlane plays a fundamental role since this system is responsible, among some of its functions, for generating unique and safe passwords, saving them in the device of your preference, remembering them and allowing automatic entry to the sessions that you authorize, of encrypted and totally reliable way; added to this, Dashlane in its Premium license, has the ability to autocomplete forms, save addresses, credit cards, phone numbers and other information of interest, take screenshots of your payment receipts, among others, with what you can Remove a great concern from your mind when it comes to needing to remember them, without fear of running the risk of forgetting some.

Of course, Dashlane also allows you to have a master password, the only one you should remember, which will not be stored and will allow you to enter the system and access all your complete information when you need it, providing you with a private door and reliable before any eventuality.

As an extra step of security, you should know that even your devices are insured, as Dashlane will not allow entry to any that has not been previously approved by you, granting additional protection to your identity and personal data against any possible threat in the net. Go ahead and download your trial version, with which you can learn some of the basic advantages of the system and then, if you convince yourself, you will have no problem in acquiring the full Premium license, you will be delighted!

Relieve your worries and feel the tranquility of having an application of maximum confidence that will even allow you to have a backup of your valuable information in the cloud, all for an affordable price to your budget. But not only that, but with some effort of insurance you will be able to run into one of the promotional vouchers that Dashlane has created for you and in this way, you will enjoy important percentages of discount that will allow you to extend the life of your savings and that you will be able to Visualize immediately when you pass through cash to make the payment for your order.

Take a step forward in the protection of your vital information and passwords, with a means for the effective management of your service accounts in the network, always in the hands of a company where security is your main objective, as well as peace of mind and trust your distinguished clientele, therefore, do not hesitate, visit Dashlane!

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