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Movenpick is a prestigious Swiss hotel chain, renowned for providing its customers choices of world-class accommodations, featuring facilities with all the amenities and customer service of exceptional quality.

If you are thinking of taking a business or pleasure trip, with Movenpick you will have important destinations to consider in four and five star hotels and resorts located around Europe, Africa, Asia, as well as the Middle and Far East. Among the benefits that Movenpick has for you are spas that provide massages, aromatherapy and relaxation sessions, restaurants with exquisite food, tourist and cultural places to visit, spaces for golf and diving, alternatives and packages to carry out meetings of business, plans to enjoy dreamy romantic evenings and much more.

Having been founded in 1973, today Movenpick has more than 82 facilities worldwide, more than 20,000 rooms and 16,000 employees ready to guarantee the best service in hospitality that will ensure unforgettable memories.

Do not think it over, take a few days off or enjoy that romantic evening you need so much, opting for luxury facilities and dreamed entertainment alternatives for you and your companions! Live unforgettable days, visit Movenpick, your best choice!

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