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Hotel Planner is an important platform founded in 2003 by Tim Hentschel and John Prince, which works as a powerful search engine of hotel options. You can filter the best offers worldwide and make your individual or group reservations in a matter of minutes, with the guarantee of getting the lowest prices on the market.

We recommend you visit the official website. It interface is quite simple to understand, which will allow you to take full advantage of its potential. Use the search engine, enter the dates of your trip and the city or country of destination and you will have a complete list of options with their respective rates, it's amazing! Classification of hotels by their characteristics, types of events for your visit, recommendations, beautiful photographs, descriptions and everything you need to know to make the best decision. All in one place! Whether you want to travel alone, with your partner, family and even a group adventure to attend sporting events, business, religious activities, birthday celebrations, among others. HotelPlanner will become your best ally to find the right place to stay. You can also book airline tickets, cruises, manage your car reservation, among other services such as hairdressing, limousine rental and many more.

All this has made Hotel Planner one of the top 50 hotel booking platforms worldwide, boasting over 5 million unique visitors monthly. The numbers speak for themselves!

rThe platform offers extensive multi-language compatibility and even provides you with powerful and practical apps for your mobile devices, compatible with iOS and Android, so you can take full advantage of their services, with additional free benefits.

Enjoy unique discounts and pay from the online checkout, equipped with optimal mechanisms to ensure the security of your information. Pack your bags and together with your friends, specify your destination and take advantage of the best rates on the market. Give it a try, Hotel Planner is synonymous with speed and efficiency, book now!

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